Simple to Use

There is absolutely nothing complicated about Jetflow hydration packs. They are easy to use, with clear instructions and a very short operating process. They are also exceedingly easy to keep clean because each component of the hydration pack can be taken apart and placed in the dishwasher, where it will be fully cleaned and sanitized. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to realize that these packs are the best choices for remaining hydrated on the market.

Simple to Use
The Jetflow hydration system replaces a soft-sided bladder with a water bottle. Simply choose a reusable Nalgene® bottle, water bottles, bottled sports drinks, soda bottle, or other beverage bottles. Most bottles fit Jetflow. Download Compatible Bottles PDF.

Simple to Clean
Unlike other hydration systems, Jetflow is quick and easy to clean. Snap the system apart and run the components through the dishwasher. That’s it! No mold, No drying racks, no hard-to-reach crevices. Just simple, clean hydration.

Simply Better Tasting
For years we put up with terrible-tasting water from polyurethane bladders. Sometimes we tried to mask the taste with sports drink. Finally we said, no more! Today we hydrate from reusable Nalgene bottles and clean, BPA free water bottles. We hydrate with sports drinks because we can. We enjoy fresh-tasting water. Jetflow is hydration evolved.

How Do They Work?

Most people on the go will use water bladders because they are easy to carry and store throughout the day once they are depleted. The problem with using these bladders is that they are hard to clean, which results in mold growth. Jetflow allows bottles to be used without hindering the movement of the adventurer, replacing the bladder.

  1. The first step is to insert the bottle into the Jetflow manifold. It can then be screwed into place so that it does not move around within the pack.
  2. The second step is to change the length of the hose so that it is comfortable to use and is as convenient as possible. The bite valve will also need to be adjusted to make sure that hydration is optimal.
  3. Put the pack on your back, adjusting it so that it fits close to the skin and will not slide around no matter what activity is being enjoyed.
  4. Go hiking, biking, climbing, or camping and enjoy the fact that delicious hydration is always on hand.
  5. Take off the hydration pack and disassemble it’s parts. Then, force soapy water through the hoses, valves, and any bottles that are used. This will completely clean them, leaving no particles behind. After that, put them in the dishwasher to be sanitized.
  6. Reassemble the pack and get ready for another adventure.

Note: Two hoses connect to the manifold. One delivers liquid to the bite valve and the other releases vacuum pressure through the jet valve. The jet valve hose can be shortened, but it must receive fresh air.

Adapter #1: A single-thread adapter for use with 63mm mouth co-polyester bottles. Example: Nalgene®, Jetflow, Outdoor Products®, Lifeline® and numerous other bottles.

Adapter #2: A double-thread adapter for use with most 20oz bottles. Example: VitaminWater®, SOBE®, Gatorade®, PowerAde®, and others.

Jetflow Upgrades
The Hornet Kit features a Piston and Piston Bottle for cleaning the hoses and valves. Simply force soapy water and fresh water through the Jetflow system for faster, more thorough cleaning.

Check out the Jetflow line of hydration packs, components, and reusable bottles.

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