Will Jetflow work with any water bottle that I buy at the store?
There are two Jetflow adaptors, which make Jetflow compatible with almost any bottle. For a list of compatible bottles download the Compatible Bottle PDF. Small volume, lightweight water bottles with very short threads do not fit Jetflow. Instead try large volume bottles like Propel and SmartWater. All Nalgene bottles and most sports drink bottles and soda bottles fit Jetflow.

How do I clean the Jetflow system?
Cleaning is simple and thorough. The entire Jetflow system pulls apart for easy cleaning and flushing with water. All components are dishwasher safe and can be washed and heat sterilized in the dishwasher.

What is the advantage of Jetflow over a traditional bladder system?
Our customers tell us our top advantages are:
1. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe components.
2. No plastic taste.
3. Inexpensive to replace bottles.
4. Zero mold or fungus growth.
5. The freedom to use drinks with electrolytes, proteins, and sugars without sacrificing the cleanliness of the system.

Is the entire Jetflow system BPA free?
Every single part of the Jetflow hydration pack is completely free of BPA, with all specifications for product quality going above and beyond the guidelines set by the government. We use Eastman Tritan Co-polyester for the creation of the different components, while the silicon that is used to make the bite valve is GE356.

Will the Jetflow system fit into my existing hydration pack?
Yes, the Jetflow kits will fit any hydration pack. The main difference is that unlike typical flat pocket hydration packs, Jetflow packs feature a gusseted pouch that expands to fit very large bottles without interfering with comfort.

What is the absolute largest feasible size of bottle I can use in the Jetflow?
The adaptor will fit a three liter soda bottle (which will fit into some of the larger packs.) Two-liter bottles easily fit into the Jetflow packs. We recommend using 1.5-liter bottles, which fit into the small packs nicely.

Is there a warranty?
We offer a lifetime warranty on all Jetflow components. If it breaks, has a flaw, or a manufacturer defect we will replace the component for you. The warranty does not cover product failures resulting from abuse or improper use.

What is the purpose of the Jet Valve?
The Jet Valve helps maintain equilibrium inside the system as you drink the liquid. This keeps the flow smooth and easy and prevents the bottle from crushing as you drink.

Why does the Jet Valve have threads?
The Jet Valve has threads to help in cleaning and drying. It attaches to a standard bike pump or CO2 cartridge to force air through the system and dry it out. The threaded piece can also be used to pressurize the system for easy hydration. The standard Bullet Bite Valve can hold up to 9 PSI.

What if the Jetflow leaks?
In the rare event that the Jetflow system leaks, simply follow these steps to check and fix the problem.
1. If it leaks from the black plug, simply use any flat instrument or screwdriver to give the plug a clockwise turn and tighten until snug.
2. If it leaks from the manifold where the bottle attaches, check and see if the red seal in the manifold is properly sealed and in place. The seal is removable for cleaning and replacement. All systems include a couple of extra seals with your pack or kit. If you need an additional seal, simply drop us a line to request a free replacement value.
3. If it leaks from the hose attachments, simply remove the hoses and cut 1/2 to 3/4 inch length from the hose and reattach.

The bottle is crushing as I drink, is my Jet Valve broken?
No your system is most likely not broken. You can test your system by blowing into the Jet Valve. If air flows through and then re-seals it is operating correctly.

Often when using a very soft-sided bottle like a SmartWater bottle the bottle will collapse slightly, similar to a bladder. Once 1/3 of the liquid is remaining the Jet Valve will equalize again. Alternatively, bottles are easily re-inflated by blowing into the bite valve or the Jet valve if so desired.

How long should the Jet Valve hose be?
The Jetflow hose comes 1 meter long, but the system is 100% customizable. Hoses can be cut to any length as long as the Jet Valve is open to air.

How do I find extra parts for the Jetflow system?
You will find a complete listing of replacement and spare parts in out online store.

Check out the Jetflow line of hydration packs, components, and reusable bottles.