Breaking the Perceptions

Last spring we met Domonic Corradin, the founder of eXtreme Abilities. He was tearing it up, aka krankin’ a handcycle, in an uphill half marathon in Zion National Park. Domonic is an amazing athlete and an all-round cool guy.

Check out his site and his work. As the quote on his site says Domonic is “breaking the perceptions of limitations” around the globe. We’re honored to say he sports a Jetflow hydration system too. Rock on!

We love these videos of Domonic in China last fall.

“Playing in the Rocks on Mt. Tai”

“Krankin’ Thru China”

Jetflow Around the Web

Photo: Megan Michelson. Professional skier and author Jeremy Benson

Photo: Megan Michelson. Professional skier and author Jeremy Benson

Huffington Post Travel
Pro skier Jeremy Benson knows winter web design services hydration and lists the Jetflow Hydraton Pack as a vital piece of gear. Check out his article on, Travel Gear: 9 Items for the Slopes in 2014

hungry runner girl and jetflow

Photo: Hungry Runner Girl trailing running with a pink Jetflow pack.

Hungry Runner Girl
Hard core marathon runner Janae, aka Hungry Runner Girl, gives the pink Jetflow Tomahawk hydration pack two thumbs up for trail running and even for treadmill workouts this winter. Check out her review here.

Glacier Travel Guide

One outdoor junkie at Glacier Travel Guide shows exactly why he loves the Jetflow Raptor Pack and why he gives it 5 out of 5 stars.

Bike Snob

Bike Snob NYC

To quote Bike Snob NYC, “Put this in your hydration pack and suck it.”

It the most hilarious review to date, the witty and irreverent Bike Snob NYC reviews a Jetflow Tomahawk. We have pure love for this PG-13 review.


essentia, offical water of jetflow

Today Jetflow is announcing that Essentia Water is the official water of Jetflow Hydration Packs. This water delivers unmatched hydration, health, and taste. Not all water is created equally. Check out the process that gives Essentia the ideal pH level of 9.5 which helps to fuel a healthy and active lifestyle.

essentia giveaway

Enter to win an entire case of Essentia water and a Jetflow hydration pack. Simply click the Facebook logo and follow the instructions. Best of luck. Show Essentia some love and invite your friends to enter the giveaway too. They’re giving away plenty of water and hydration packs–50 days of winners!

essentia giveaway

Click to enter the Essentia giveaway web design services. #hydrationgiveaway

Attention Mud Runners

If there’s mud or water on the course, these guys are the people to turn to for advice and training. Now Jetflow is part of the strategy for a successful mud run or obstacle course run. The Jetflow Tomahawk is the official hydration device of Ultimate Obstacle Race Training.

Check Out the Book

Ultimate obstacle training guide

The official hydration device of Ultimate Obstacle Race Training

Visit the Website

Approved by

Approved by

Follow Mud Run Guide on Facebook for chances to win a Jetflow hydration pack and for insider tips on competing.

If you have a mud run in your future, start shopping for your hydration pack today…custom web design chicago

Happy Earth Day 2013

Happy Earth Day, jetflow, polyurethane

Happy Earth Day 2013 from Jetflow

Polyurethane bladders are the standard in hydration packs (including CamelBak.) But we won’t settle for the norm at Jetflow. Polyurethane cannot be recycled. As they say, custom web design! So we skipped the bladder for a cleaner, more environmentally safe option.

Simply attach the Jetflow hydration system to your favorite reusable Nalgene bottle for pure, clean hydration.

Happy Earth Day. Do something good for the planet.

Cool Outrageous Stuff

Jetflow Tomahawk Packs get a shout out in web design sacramento learning javascript sites. All Jetflow Hydration systems are BPA free. Plus, since Jetflow connects directly to a reusable bottle like a Nalgene bottle there’s no polyurethane bladder to deal with (which is a good thing since those bladders are not recyclable.)

Green Living Magazine and Jetflow

Green Living Magazine and Jetflow

Free Tomahawk Giveaway

Visit to enter our giveaway.

Awesome giveaway going on over at the Jetflow page on Facebook. Check it out and you could win a FREE Jetflow Tomahawk Hydration Pack. Just “like” us and share the photo of our pack on your page and you could be the winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Contest ends Sunday. Good luck!

Try a Summit with Jetflow

Jetflow at Mt. Holly 11, 999 ft., Utah

Hiking up Mt. Holly 11,999 ft., Utah

Planning on hiking much this spring and summer? Out here in Utah, as soon as the snow melts–we’re all about hiking and camping.

Wherever your wanderings take you, don’t forget to stay hydrated. At this elevation staying hydrated is key.

We favor Gatorade in a Jetflow Hydration Pack. That’s right, you’re not limited to water! Hydrate with anything you like. Jetflow is hydration evolved. We promise:
– pure clean taste
– simple to use
– easy to clean
– 100% recyclable

Order now and get your pack in time for your next big hike.

Want to try it first?
try jetflow test driveTake a 30 Day Test Drive. Contact us at to start your Test Drive.
– Purchase a pack for half off (plus shipping).
– Fill your pack with any beverage you like.
– Take it for a real test drive. Walk, run, bike, and hike with your pack.
– After 30 days choose to keep your pack, upgrade it, or return it. (Bet you love it!)

jetflow packs

Jetflow Packs and Kits

Riding the Ribbon of Slick Rock

jetflow, ribbon trail, colorado

Jetflow crew, riding Ribbon Trail, Grand Junction, Colorado.

Trail: Ribbon Trail
Location: Grand Junction, Colorado
Distance: 7-mile out-and-back
Total Elevation Gain: 1700 ft
Total Elevation Loss: 606 ft
Net Change: 1095 ft

Jetflow Biking the Ribbon Trail

Jetflow Biking the Ribbon Trail

Check out the Jetflow line of hydration packs, components, and reusable bottles.