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Jetflow Hydration Packs

If you’ve ever poured a sports drink into a bladder to try to hide the plastic taste, you’ll love Jetflow. If you’ve fashioned an elaborate set of homemade cleaning brushes and drying racks, you’ll appreciate the fact that the entire Jetflow hydration system is dishwasher safe. Our super-active crew asked the simple question. Why isn’t there a better way to stay hydrated? After all, to quote Lloyd Christmas, the well-known intellectual, “We’ve landed on the moon!” Improving hydration seems simple in comparison, right? As a company of real outdoor enthusiasts we bike, hike, run, climb, and camp all the time. For us, Jetflow is about improving hydration as we use it. We are not about selling a widget to make a buck. Hydration is our passion.

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Hydration Bladders are Nasty

Hydration bladders have a tendency to take on a certain level of disgusting that is all their own. They degrade over time, putting harmful substances into the water that they contain. Water bladders need to be replaced on a regular basis in order to prevent this from happening, costing the user a great deal of money. These bladders are also difficult to clean because of their corners and ridges, which results in bacteria and mold buildup, risking the user’s health. All of this contributes to an overwhelmingly bad taste in the water, which makes hydration unpleasant, something that should never happen.

Hydration Packs are the Solution

This begs the question, why on earth is there not a better way to remain hydrated and healthy? Jetflow is the ultimate answer to this question. We at Jetflow understand that those who stay active by participating in outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, climbing, and camping desperately need a reliable way to re-hydrate. As a result, we have created a system that allows the user to get the fluids that he or she needs while fully enjoying the taste of the liquids entering his or her body. Those who use Jetflow’s hydration packs are able to feel fully confident in the knowledge that the container holding the liquids is perfectly clean. The fact that hydration can be this easy will drastically improve the overall experience of the outdoor adventure because it removes the amount of planning that would ordinarily be required for it to be successful.

What We Offer

We at Jetflow offer freedom from the tyranny of paying a fortune to constantly replace water bladders, spending hours trying to get that suspicious brown muck out of the corners of bladders, and the frustrating drips of a leak that is about to ruin your day’s plans. We offer fluids that are free from the taste of degrading plastic or mold. Essentially, we offer a hydration experience that is far beyond what anyone could imagine hydrating could be: easy, safe, and delicious.